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T&E Expenses And How To Control Them

Written by Ritwik Ruia Friday, 17 April 2015 11:20
Travel & Entertainment expenses – often dubbed T&E – tend to be the 2nd or 3rd largest business operational overhead, after salaries and rent. Garnering such a big chunk of business expenses and being the sort of expense category that can be flexibly controlled, T&E usually comes under the limelight…

Employee Expense Management Simplified with Zento

Written by Ritwik Ruia Wednesday, 15 April 2015 11:20
Zento is a cloud-based (or on-premise) employee expense reimbursement solution that benefits both managers and employees with its simplicity and intuitive features. Replacing outdated expense management systems with Zento enables companies to develop an efficient expense settlement process that is easy to implement and provides instant results. Zento can also…

5 Indicators That Expense Claim Fraud Might Be Occurring In Your Company

Written by Ritwik Ruia Monday, 13 April 2015 11:20
Studies conducted by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners show that employee expense claim frauds make up 15% of all business fraud - a significant chunk. ACFE also indicates that on average a period of about 24 months is needed for expense report frauds to be detected and substantiated with…

How to talk SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud)

Written by Ritwik Ruia Thursday, 12 February 2015 09:02
Here’s a piece of acronym-jargon that’s been in heavy use over the past 2-3 years – SMAC, or Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud. While in itself the term reeks of vague generalization, the underlying concept is quite noteworthy. SMAC encapsulates four major components of the data management ecosystem from a business’…

How to Manage Your Website Content

Written by Ritwik Ruia Wednesday, 28 January 2015 09:36
As important and complex as conceptualizing a website might be, its all for naught if the content on the website isn’t easily manageable. Websites today need to be regularly updated with fresh content in order to maximize visitor engagement. An overly static website tends to be considered stale, and one…

Prevent Duplicate Content By Setting Your Website’s Preferred Domain

Written by Ritwik Ruia Thursday, 15 January 2015 09:36
When working on a new website, most developers probably won’t be aware that differs from from Google’s point of view. Your website’s domain – while unique in itself – doesn’t automatically ensure that multiple URLs with the same homepage content are indexed as one by Google. Consolidating multiple…