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Employee Expense Management Simplified with Zento

Written by Ritwik Ruia Wednesday, 15 April 2015 11:20

Zento is a cloud-based (or on-premise) employee expense reimbursement solution that benefits both managers and employees with its simplicity and intuitive features. Replacing outdated expense management systems with Zento enables companies to develop an efficient expense settlement process that is easy to implement and provides instant results. Zento can also be customized according to an organization’s unique policies.

Here are some of the benefits Zento provides to Employers and Employees:

Employer Benefits:

Employers will benefit from greater process efficiency with Zento’s cloud-based employee expense management solution. Saving precious time and energy, Zento simplifies the process of accounting for employee expenses and reimbursing claims. Employers are able to do away with expensive check processing by utilizing Zento’s cost efficient electronic disbursement system. Superiors at any given point of time have a snapshot of all outstanding expense claims – categorized by type of claim, operational department, location, business vertical and more.
Instead of waiting for employees to return from business trips and turn in disorganized stacks of receipts, some of which are bound to be missing, Zento’s central processing system enables immediate submission of expenses as they occur. Zento also has checks in place that greatly reduce the chances of fraud, like double claims against the same expense and inflated expense reporting.

Employee Benefits:

Traveling employees are those most likely to encounter expenses that require reimbursement. The cloud-based nature of Zento enables them to submit and begin processing their disbursement immediately. The convenient Zento system can be used from any location and device with internet access. No longer will employees need to wait until they are back in the office to submit expenses and then follow with another wait for a check to be prepared. With Zento, expenses are accounted for as soon as they are entered, which significantly reduces the chances of bills and receipts being lost along the way and employees forgetting expense amounts and details during hectic times.

Employees will enjoy the ease of organizing their work related expenses and expediting the reimbursement of the funds they have spent. Zento’s user friendly, customizable interface has been developed to be intuitive for simplicity of using each of its advanced tools. Claims are quickly submitted and issues can be resolved via an annotation system that allows timely, purposeful communications.

Customizable Features:

Zento provides maximum efficiency for your company through clever customizable features that enable you to personalize your employee expense management process to the way you do business. The security parameters that are built in to the Zento system ensure that access is limited to those who should have it, while still allowing for mobile access by employees on the go. Your Zento implementation will include integration with your existing accounting software for seamless processing of expenses and disbursements.

Zento will also be customized to include any unique management reports necessary for approval and analysis of employee expenses. Single click approvals make processing standard expense claims quick and efficient, while greater examination and annotation options are available for more complex claims. Easily scalable to any size organization, Zento offers you the innovative tools that you need to simplify your employee expense management process.
Zento optimizes your employee expense management processes for cost efficiency, increased productivity, and compliance with tax and labor legal requirements. The reporting and audit functions that are built into the Zento system will save time and simplify your reporting processes.

For more information on how the Zento employee expense management system can revolutionize your business, contact us today!

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