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Records Management

Information Management - General DataOutsource your Records Storage and Management requirements with our Records Management (RM) Services. Secure and convenient record retrieval, reduction in storage space requirements and significant time and cost saving are some direct benefits of outsourcing your RM needs to General Data.
Right from creation to retrieval, usage, archival and destruction of records (documents, tapes, etc), we cover your needs. RM is essential not only to retrieve business-process related forms and documentation but also to monitor and manage information and evidence pertaining to an organization’s activities.

RM is essential for transparent, effective and accountable corporate governance. A systematic, efficient RM solution also significantly simplifies statutory audits and regulatory compliance procedures from a corporate perspective.

An orderly process flow for records and information retrieval makes a corporation much more efficient in performing critical, data dependent functions.

Companies tend to gather major amounts of physical documents. A comprehensive solution allows them to retrieve and access documents only when needed and for as long as they’re needed. Further, proper access control policies ensure sensitive documents and data is only handled by those authorized to do so. Logging of access is also maintained for any retrospective auditing that might need to be carried out.

Inefficient filing and document handling procedures leads to wastage of time and resources spent in locating and retrieving documents. Often, vital documents are even misplaced or found in inaccessible conditions due to ill handling. A shift from casual, haphazard handling and retrieval processes to those which are carefully formulated by combining RM best practices with a particular company’s unique policies and procedures results in significant document management efficiencies.

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