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Smart Cards Help BPL Families…

Written by Ritwik Ruia Monday, 21 October 2013 09:02

GDPL has been involved in several health insurance card schemes for Below Poverty Line (BPL) families since 2009.

What’s Working……

  • Cashless facilities for hospital care, medicines for BPL families…

  • Ensure one point diagnosis, treatment with empanelled hospitals.

  • Fixed charge for procedures reduce chances fleecing.

  • Empanelled private hospitals help ease burden on state once.

And What’s Not

  • Lack of awareness lead to under-utilisation of the scheme

  • Flaws in BPL data deprives many of the RSBY card.

  • Outcome dependent regular monitoring of service providers.

  • Could shift focus from need to improve public health center.

How does it work? Over the past two year,  some 12 million people have been issued smart cards with personal and medical details of the beneficiades entided to the health insurance. A health official told TOI that smart cards would be distributed among BPL families under Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana, a central government scheme, wherein they would have to pay Rs 30 per year to enjoy an insurance cover worth Rs 30,000.

All surgeries and major ailments would be covered under the facility and the tags would be issued according to guidelines of Union government.

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