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How to Digitize and Archive Your Critical Data for Quick Retrieval

Written by Ritwik Ruia Monday, 22 December 2014 06:49

Like most companies, you probably have some form of paper records, stored either on-site, or in an off-site storage facility. While these paper records may be a necessary part of your business, if you need to find a specific record, searching through all of your files can be extremely time consuming. There is a better way to store that data; so retrieval becomes much easier and far more streamlined. Here’s how:

  1. Identify where your paper documents are stored and in what condition.

    Are your papers stored on-site? Off-site? Are they in good condition, or have they been damaged by time, water, or dust? As an information and records management company, we need to know the condition of your records before we can come up with a digitization plan.

  2. Enlist us to collect your data in bulk.

    Once you have identified the location of your physical records, let us collect them. We won’t just collect part of your files, we will retrieve all of them and move them to an easy-to-access location, so if you ever need the physical documents, you can access them without an issue.

  3. We scan and organize it.

    Once we have retrieved your documents, we scan them using a systematic and secure process, using our high-speed scanners.Your soft copies can then be indexed and hosted on a Document Management Solution (DMS), in a format that makes online retrieval straightforward and much quicker than searching through your physical files.

  4. We store both the digital and physical documents in a secure location.

    After all your data is digitized and archived, we store both the digital and physical documents securely – digital on world-class server & storage infrastructure and physical at our Records Management Facilities.

Why digitize and archive your critical data? Your most important data should be easy to find and easy to retrieve-this is far more difficult with physical documents. Digital storage and retrieval is better than even the best physical filing system. It saves you time and money, and you don't even have to do the scanning and organization. Our services make it easy to have instant access to your most critical data and eliminate the heavy real estate costs of storing your physical documents at your own location.

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