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How digitization helps individuals and working professionals

Written by Ritwik Ruia Friday, 01 August 2014 07:06

Being specialists in Document Scanning & Digitization, we’ve had a number of individual consumers as well as professionals commission us for scanning either their personal documents and photos or those of their clients’.

Personal Documents

Too many people lose their old family photos over time either due to the photos fading or being misplaced. Photos accumulate in a disorderly, unsorted manner for most people and to maintain that fragmented physical collection proves to be very difficult.

Using a service like ours to digitize your photos at regular intervals will ensure you permanently have a backup, digital copy available for retrieval. You can then share or print these copies at your discretion without limitation.

To effective manage your newly digitized archive, we can also implement a Document Management System customized to suit your needs. This system will help you quickly retrieve your files and photos according to various search criteria - more powerful than your standard operating system search tool. The DMS also keeps your files secure - with 256-bit encryption - and inaccessible without authenticated credentials.

Working Professionals

We’ve customized end-to-end digitization solutions for working professionals from various fields as well:

Doctors: Medical records management

  • Store and retrieve patient files related to medical history, progress notes, prescription history, test results, digital images such as scans & x-rays
  • Integration of E-Signatures for compliance & audit
  • Information security to prevent breach of patient-doctor confidentiality
  • Create workflows for patient journeys. Have the document move from department to department for updates during diagnosis/tests/procedures

Lawyers: Case history management

  • Archive case files in an orderly manner, with orderly indexing. Makes it simple to retrieve case history based on any search criteria like client name, location, type of case
  • Version control is essential to keep track of edits and approvals associated with legal documents as they undergo alterations
  • Keep documents, records, work product in one place and simply edit document viewing and editing rights with access control
  • Access important case files on the move by storing them in digital format on the cloud in a secure hosted environment

Corporate Secretaries: Record-keeping and compliance management

  • Company secretaries often find themselves overtaxed with record keeping and compliance duties, and an automated document management solution can significantly reduce time spent in preparing filings and other critical paperwork
  • Data extraction, document formatting, fragmented and haphazard storage of spreadsheets and databases result in unnecessary wastage of time and effort. A tailored solution which makes all relevant documents accessible from a centralized location as well as reminds the CS when important filing and submission dates are upcoming can simply the entire workflow and help the CS be much more efficient

Sole Proprietors: Incorporation & Operational Documents, Legal Information Repository

  • Prevent the fragmentation of information and documents by utilizing an end-to-end document management solution
  • Share documents with your collaborators and external service providers like lawyers, chartered accountants, IT support rapidly and on an as-needed basis. Powerful search features ensure you find the information you require from your growing archives immediately

We’ve customized our document scanning processes and document management software solutions for a variety of different requirements and for various different stakeholders. We understand each environment and set of objectives are different, and we tailor our offering according to those very specifications.

Whether you’re an individual who wants to preserve personal documents and images or a professional that is looking to streamline workflows and processes, get in touch with us to find out how we can help: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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