Top 6 Reasons To Value Email Marketing Services During Covid-19

Written by Ritwik Ruia Tuesday, 14 July 2020 06:21

Businesses globally are adjusting with the impact of coronavirus, weathering the onslaught of pandemic induced lockdown in one form or the other. Brands are reallocating marketing budgets for the remaining year and email marketing companies & experts are busy reevaluating and reconfiguring new marketing strategies.


With a surge like 44% more emails being sent as compared to the circumstances before pandemic’s outbreak, getting an email strategy right is now more vital for email marketing agencies. Vying desperately for consumers’ attention by sending a barrage of emails is often counter productive. It needs a more empathetic approach now, for starters, given how Covid-19 has affected lives globally.

What is Email Marketing?

Broadly speaking, email marketing is using emails to send advertisements, pitch business propositions and solicit sales to prospective or current customers. An effective email marketing strategy helps to convert prospects into customers.

Some of the best email marketing services implement such strategies which turn their customers into patrons! That should be the ultimate goal, if one pauses to reflect.

For instance, BookMyShow in India is quite actively sending emails to its customers these days, promoting various offers on booking tickets for movies awaiting releases in upcoming months.

6 Reasons To Value Email Marketing

Email marketing is a means not only to bring services to your prospects but it also sustains your presence among customers, although that has to be done sensitively now-a-days.

While the world endures lockdown, emails ensure global outreach & connection which increases the utility of email marketing. Here are 6 reasons to value email marketing:

  • Cost-effectiveness:

    It is the perfect marketing tactic for businesses due to its relatively inexpensive starting off and maintaining a marketing campaign. You can create customized campaigns at small costs for different target segments keeping in mind the buying patterns of customers now-a-days.

    Buying ad spaces in print media and time slots on TV to run your ads has greater costs, not to mention its inflexibility to accommodate tailoring in ads apropos different sets of target consumers.

  • Outreach irrespective of the pandemic:

    Email marketing services ensure your products/services are always visible & available to customers.

  • Provision of automation:

    Pandemic or no pandemic, email marketing lends well to automation. Triggers and workflows can be used to automatically send emails to consumers after they take a specific action, thereby improving the relevancy & timeliness of your campaigns. From customers’ perspective, they still get curated offers from time to time as they were getting them before Covid-19.

    Even if a customer visits your website, adds items to the cart and leaves website without making a purchase for some reasons, email automation ensures that the customer will get an email prompt to finish purchasing process or suggest help to them with respect to the purchase they abandoned.

    It helps build stronger & credible relationships.

  • Effective personalization of content amid lockdown:

    While people are engaging more with their smartphones and other gadgets for browsing products & making purchases, email marketing makes it easy to personalize the content delivered to subscribers.

    Using data collected from subscribers and leads, you can provide more personalized, relevant & actionable content. This can improve both click-through rate as well as your overall conversion rate.

    As population is segmented into containment zones in the country, you can improvise the existing, & invent new, campaigns which address the customers accordingly in their zones.

  • Easy tracking of marketing efforts:

    Email marketing metrics are easy to track and measure over time. Now that physical outlets are only open in few areas of the country, targeted email marketing will enable your business to see how many users opened your emails, how many of them clicked links in them, how many users got converted etc.This will help in course correction for business continuity as and when needed with the Covid-19 transitions.

  • Stay connected with the users:

    Email marketing services keep the users in loop about how their service providers are dealing with the pandemic, what steps they have taken to ensure their products won’t pose any threat (of infection) to consumers, what new offers they are rolling out in upcoming weeks and whether they are providing any complementary items with the purchases now (e.g. giving Covid-19 masks/hand-sanitizers free of cost with products bought).

Why Are People Opening Emails More Often Now?

As people are confined to their spaces to follow guidelines of lockdown, their interaction with gadgets has increased. Internet connected devices are the only means by which they are able to keep track of what is going on in their locality and the world.

Updates, news bulletins, reminders, official instructions etc. on websites & apps are keeping them updated of new array of services & products being offered by the businesses.
Companies are sending emails on regular intervals to users, informing them about new developments in their choice of services they used to purchase, new promotional offers that are tailored for their zones & introduction of new pricings in near future in the light of Covid-19.

General Data provides email-marketing solutions for all types of companies and objectives. With over a decade of experience, we know how to build marketing campaigns that produce results.

We offer a wide-range of tools for planning, targeting and implementing high-volume email marketing campaigns. Our team can help you design your mailer & content keeping in mind the ramifications with respect to Covid-19.

We can ready the database as required and send it out in a correct non-spammy manner so that it isn’t obtrusive like junk mail and instead is more likely to be clicked-on due to its being helpful, valuable and often tangible.

For a detailed overview of how we drive business relationships to consumers through our marketing expertise, reach out to us here.

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