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Employee Claim Processing Solution (ECPS) launched by General Data Private Limited

Written by Ritwik Ruia Saturday, 04 January 2014 06:07

General Data Private Limited has launched the Employee Claim Processing Solution or ECPS – a comprehensive web-based application that streamlines and simplifies the processing and tracking of employee expense and benefit claims, advances and reimbursements.

Employee Claim Processing Solution allows employees to submit their Claims on the web portal directly and keep track of the progress of each claim easily, at a single point of access. Paperwork for both the client as well as the concerned administrative personnel is significantly reduced, time is saved and it is much easier for both parties to co-ordinate. Real-time reports can then be generated to gain holistic insights into total number of claims and values, outstanding claims, segregation of claims by region, department, type of claim, etc. Custom reports based on case-by-case requirements can also be defined and generated.

ECPS is a product that can be modified to cater to any company’s unique policies, workflows and processes. For more information on General Data’s Claim Processing Solution,
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