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Project Overview

Land records are maintained for various purposes including the levy and collection of various taxes and land revenue. Any changes brought on by sale, inheritance, hire, and distribution, etc, are brought into record by the manual Orissadation done. However, the manual system of record keeping has become cumbersome, opaque, susceptible to manipulations and hard to administer. Document management System as an IT tool which can manage Land Records was introduced. The envisaged system was designed to provide prompt issuance of computerized access on the Land Records across the organization.

The project is aimed at completion of computerization of the Records of Rights (RoRs), digitization of maps and updating of land records, maintenance of agriculture and land related databases, survey/resurvey using modern technology. The main components of the project are as follows:

Computerization of land records:

  • Data entry/re-entry/data conversion of all textual records including mutation records and other land attributes data
  • Integration of textual and spatial data.
  • Tehsil, sub-division/district Computer centres
  • State-level data centers
  • Inter-connectivity among revenue offices

Computerization of Registration:

  • Computerization of the sub-registrar’s offices (SROs)
  • Data entry of valuation details
  • Data entry of legacy encumbrance data
  • Scanning & preservation of old documents

Scope of Work

Orissa land Records was looking to design a Document Management System which will provide a platform to digitize most information/documents of land Records and move towards a paperless environment in a phased gradual manner. Orissa Land Records looking to put in place effective document controls that ensures aspects of oath of secrecy and improve operational efficiency. The Scope was to digitized ROR's and update the same into the archival system.

The Challenge

Orissa Land Records had documents related to Lands in Orissa, which includes land Registration documents, Maps, and other supporting documents. These all documents are finally stored in record rooms after certain procedures. As all the documents are in paper form, which lead to document damage after a certain timeframe because no such document protection treatment has been done in their record rooms. The documents were bounded, loose, damaged, wet, torn etc. Apart from that some of the location of SR officer were deep interiors of village where communication is very difficult. Moving machinery was a tedious task.


  1. Project was divided into Phases with respect to District level.
  2. In each district a central hub was identified.
  3. Local team was hired at operator level and site supervisor for scanning and quality check of scanned images.
  4. Teams, Binder, Team leader and Project –coordinator/Project Manager was the same for the complete project, which was mobilized from districts to other districts on completion.
  5. High speed scanners, systems were deployed at each project site
  6. Scanning was done in each SR (sub-registrar’s office) located within the District.
  7. At each SR office a team was deployed and team size & No. of Hardware, type of hardware was depending on the volume and condition of documents available per SR office and the time frame available. Approx team size per office was 10-40
  8. The team moved from Central HUB (District wise) to all respective SR office for the said scanning & digitization project on daily basis.
  9. Scanning & Image quality check was done at each SR office, after the images was approved and accepted by officer’s at respective SR office, the same was moved to central data center for data entry.
  10. Central Data center was identified, where all the scanned images was uploaded into server for image processing.
    1. Data entry was done at single central data center.
    2. Image processing (vernacular language conversion was done simultaneously i.e from Oriya to English).
    3. More than 150 operators were deployed at the data center for data entry activity.
    4. Along with Data entry and team of quality check operators was doing QC simultaneously so that end to end deliverables are received every day.
    5. After QC final images were uploaded into the server and submitted to Client with appropriate metadata for searching and retrieval.
  11. Once complete scanning was done for a said district, the whole team with hardware was moved to a new district and the same process was followed.
  12. A central SPOC team based from General Data's Cuttack Branch was responsible for hardware maintenance, MIS update to client and back office work which was available 24hrs since most team used to return very late at night and leave early morning.
  13. Multilevel backup's were maintained by General Data ensuring complete security from data loss.

Power & hardware Backup, document restoration, unbinding & Binding of record books, networking, data backup, logs, MIS updates etc was part and parcel of each location.


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