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The Client is a platform that connects Indian domestic helpers with potential employers – both homeowners and business owners. Employers browse listings, pay to access employee contact information and directly hire candidates.

Some profile categories listed on are:

  • Maids
  • Cooks
  • Drivers
  • Babysitters
  • Caretakers
  • Delivery Boys seeks to eliminate the middleman when employers search for potential domestic helpers for hire. These ‘middlemen’ tend to be society managers and guards/watchmen who sometimes charge exorbitant commissions, make amoral demands and take advantage of desperate, unsuspecting domestic helpers. The domestic helper landscape is fragmented, and aims to fix it.

The Challenge

For Helper4U, the initial challenge was branding and informing consumers about this new, unique web service. It was important to gauge the potential for organic traffic via unpaid search engine results, as well as where and when to carry out paid campaigns - both through Google AdWords & Display Network and social media channels like Facebook. Also, with the increasing number of tech-related Indian blogs & news websites, we knew from the get-go that digital PR would also play a major role in increasing’s online visibility. offers an excellent service that benefits both sides of the equation – the employer and the employee. Not having a reference point for how employers interact with and find blue collared workers through an online platform, we knew we’d have to work with the client to continually optimize the website structure and user experience.


General Data P. Limited carried out Digital Marketing, Web Development & Web Design on



We optimized the on-page meta-information of the entire site and significantly reduced load times and server queries. Performed high-relevance off-page optimization, resulting in inbound links from highly credible sites that showed clear synergies with The team formulated an authentic, impactful content strategy with blog posts that aimed to actually help homeowners and other employers of blue collared workers. Our goal was to avoid unnecessarily stuffing keywords into the content, and instead only use them organically when it actually made sense to. Analytics gave us a lot of usable insights. For example, we determined which helper categories were seeing the highest demand, in which city (Mumbai vs Pune), and also the number of views each helper profile was getting, which helped us match employer demand to employee supply and balance both sides of the equation better.


A combination of paid and unpaid social media activities resulted in higher levels of engagement and a variety of high-quality inbound traffic to from the Facebook page, boosted posts, Tweets and other channels. Social chatter pertinent to was routinely monitored, and feedback was sourced from willing users as much as possible. This helped understand user-level issues with and swiftly take corrective action.



We carried out effective AdWords & Display Ad campaigns to generate awareness about the site and its services. Each ad copy and landing page was customized according to searched keywords. Helper listings were auto-filtered auto-populated based on the location and helper type the user indicated interest in on his/her Google Search.

A/B testing – critical to optimize any paid campaign – was carried out. This involves displaying different ads to different audiences, for the same searched keywords. Ads were constantly monitored and pit against each other to gauge effectiveness. Low performing ads or ads that exhibited lower relevance were stopped and discarded. Budgets and ad bids were constantly adjusted based on competition and expected ad positions. On comparing Paid Campaign conversion rates over time, we were able to make tangible, data driven decisions on which ads were meeting consumer expectations.


On Web Design & Development:

The design, usability and overall look & feel of evolved multiple times over a few months as we gauged and evaluated analytical data and user feedback. Based on these two inputs, we made major structural changes and minor tweaks from time-to-time to optimize user experience. Once we identified the problems users were facing and the points at which they got stuck, we figured out, through trial and error, how to change the site information architecture and user flow.



We’re happy to say that our efforts to improve the usability & discoverability of has helped the website evolve over time and better execute its mission. Here are some highlights from what we accomplished between January & September 2015:

  • Monthly Organic Traffic
    Increased by Over 300%
  • New Users Per Month
    Increased by Over 230%
  • Visitor Sessions Per Month
    Increased by Over 160%
  • Referral Traffic
    Increased by Over 190%

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