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The Client

GrowMoreCoach (GMC) by GrowMoreAvenues is a coaching & training platform that helps individuals develop life skills and professional skills with the aim of enriching their capabilities and enhancing the quality of their daily lives. GMC also offers ICF certified coach training programs, helping individuals develop their sales, managerial and leadership capabilities.

The founder is Inderjeet Singh – a business professional with over 20 years of experience who holds an ICF certification, among many others, and is the Country Head for International Institute of Coaching & Mentoring (IIC&M) – one of the largest coach certification bodies in the world – in India.

The Challenge

Coaching & Coach training are concepts that can be construed to be abstract in nature, and people tend to not understand what they might tangibly learn from such sessions. With GMC, the concept and offering was proven. Inderjeet already had many happy clients and testimonials – enough backing to prove his methods and classes worked and enhanced the personal and professional lives of his participants.

However, with a service oriented offering like this, he was relying almost exclusively on word of mouth. If only he could generate more awareness and call-ins, he’d be better positioned to clearly explain the benefits and advantages of his many coaching programs. This is where General Data P. Limited came into the picture and offered to help.


GMC already had a website up and running, and since coaching programs were held relatively often, the primary aim was to generate more enquiries & call-ins in the short term. To this end, we suggested a Search Engine Marketing campaign primarily using Google AdWords.

We performed keen research into what kinds of keywords and keyphrases people would use to find GMCs offerings. Further, creating a high-impact landing page and optimizing to convey what GMC and Inderjeet were all about were of the highest importance. Because so many people had benefitted from GMCs programs, many client testimonials were also available for us to showcase – both in text and video format.

Over time, we optimized the landing page, the campaign metrics and the ad copies. We achieved excellent quality scores, which resulted in better average ad positions and lower costs per click. As we monitored interaction on the landing page, we enhanced the user experience by changing the order of content. Remarketing also played a big role, people that were on the fence were reminded about the offering and having expressed prior interest by clicking on GMCs ads, were more likely to convert.


While GMC started receiving more enquiries from the get-go, optimizing the campaign over time significantly boosted the RoI and overall campaign effectiveness. Comparing the first and sixth month over a 6 month campaign, these were the results:

Conversion Rate up
over 2x

Click-through rate went
up by 27%

Average Cost-per-Click
went down by 20%

The primary goal of the campaign was generating more phone enquiries. By the time the campaign was optimized, GMC was receiving 6-10 times the number of calls than before the campaign was initiated.

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