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Unlocking Value in Digital Documents

Written by Ritwik Ruia Tuesday, 12 April 2016 04:59

Digitization has been the focal point of the India story over the past 2 years – having been heavily propagated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi under the Digital India banner. For businesses, converting physical documents into digital files and then managing all that business data using a Document Management System (DMS) fits in neatly with the Digital India story.


Here are a few ways in which scanning your business documents and indexing them on a DMS are beneficial to businesses:

Reduce in-house physical storage requirements

Allocating office space to store physical documents costs a lot. Digitizing documents eliminates the cost of finding as well as managing a physical storage space. You can utilize that same space for other, more productive purposes, while enlisting us for records management. We store your documents at our location at a far lower cost which takes care of holding onto original physical for record keeping purposes.

For daily operations, your workforce simply logs into our online web-based Document Management System and acceses, shares, and edits the document there itself, eliminating the need to requisition and track down a physical document stored amongst thousands of other files and papers.

Improve the scope for collaboration

Imagine a scenario where multiple people have to work on the same document. By having a digital copy, it becomes much simpler and cheaper for multiple stake holders to access the same document compared to taking several printouts. In addition, you can have a document check-out check-in process in place for documents still in process, so everybody knows who the ‘owner’ of a document is at a given point of time. Once a document is digitized, everybody will not only be able to access it at the same time, but also from different locations and from different devices.

Find documents quicker

Paper records through the years tend to pile up and risk being misplaced. With a DMS, you can find documents instantly. When you scan and upload a physical document, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) picks up all the document text content, thus enabling you to find documents based on their content, not just the document name & title. So if you forget a document name and remember just a few words, a simple search of that string will return your document.

You can even search & find documents based on other metadata like Date Created, Date Last Modified, Author, Topic, Document Type, and many more.

Secure Access

DMSs can be hosted on private/hybrid cloud environments or on an in-house server. Good DMSs support 256bit encryption, which keeps your business information very secure. You can even open access to certain areas of your virtual filing system or even individual files to outside stakeholders, while leaving the rest of your information accessible only internally.

Access rights management allow you to specify who has rights to view, edit, download and delete different types of documents.

General Data P. Limited offers Document Scanning & Digitization services and DMSs for both SMEs and Enterprises. We help you select the solution that fits your specific requirements and budget. Contact us to learn how we can help you manage your business documents better.

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